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Unique Single Family Home Development

Our homes are an extension of our personalities. While we all require shelter as one of the basic necessities of life, the space requirements within vary greatly from person to person. The McGinnis Design Group takes pride in being good listeners. We take your ideas, concepts, and dreams and create a working design from them. We work at your pace in an attempt to touch on every aspect of your design. It is always our goal to ask the right questions and provide the necessary input so you can make educated decisions about your future home.

Existing Home Modification

There have been many amazing houses built in the last 100 years or so. Whenever you occupy an existing house there is work to be done in order for that structure to become your home. Sometimes it is just paint and furnishings, but more times than not there is a larger project that would really make that house yours. Although every home modification project is different, we approach them with the same general attitude. Improve the functionality without negatively affecting the overall style of the home.

Semi Custom and High End Production Product Lines

The McGinnis Design Group has extensive experience creating product lines for our builders. We approach these projects similarly to our unique single family homes. We have participated in a handful of round table discussions in an attempt to understand the target demographic and develop the best products for them. In addition, we continually educate ourselves on the latest materials and construction techniques available to the home building industry.

Construction Document Development

The McGinnis Design Group has aligned itself with the best CAD draftsman in the Indianapolis area waiting to create highly detailed construction documents from your conceptual designs. In addition, we have relationships with local Architecture and Engineering firms to assist with any projects in which their expertise is required.

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